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I will never forget reading this blog post by Donald Miller. I think about it often when I hear people slam their gifts. For example, if Michael Jordan was all like, “I’m an average basketball player.” This is what I like to call “false humility" or possibly ignorance. Because there are two possibilities here: you can either be aware of your talent and choose to deny your gift for the sake of appearing impressively humble, or you can be completely ignorant of how good you are.

I believe you have to have a pretty solid ego to do creativity with your life.

Now that doesn’t mean arrogance, but that does mean awareness. Ego intrinsically means “self.” Be aware of yourself.

If you want to do creativity with your life, I hope you know deep in your gut that what you do is good…or worth it. Creativity isn’t easy. On the contrary, it is risky — and a lot of fun. But don’t go jumping in if you don’t know your ego.

Here’s one: If I gave you a diamond and your response was, “It’s a pretty average rock.” I’d probably be pretty upset! And I’m really nice!

If God has given you the ability to sing, write, cook, build, communicate, whatever — and your response to a compliment is, “I’m okay.” I believe you are telling God that his gift was just…eh, okay.

Having awareness of self and the gifts you have is to be, without needing to fish for compliments or impressively rub your nose in the dirt.

If someone says, “You’re great!” Say thank you with graciousness and then thank your Giver…then keep using your talent, it is an act of worship and a reflection of what God is doing.

That being said — I’m so excited about this EP! It is going to be sooo gooood! :)