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Folk in my bones. Coffee in my blood. God in my gut.
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Gut Folk Master: Joshua James. I have the pleasure of hearing him at a house concert this evening. Here’s a song to make the rest of us songwriters put down our pencils and revel. 

There is a mystic in the mountain high above the Great Salt Lake
He’s dancin’ in the heaven far below his golden gates 
He’s lookin’ at our cars below 
And laughin’ at our rock & roll

So I found a little woman, thought that I could change her name
She had the colour of the city and the fire of the country flame
So I hid my body down below, hoping that my skin won’t show

A mystic from the mountain and in the end what did you say we’d find
A promise from a pamphlet, a crucifixion on your highway sign
But I sold you for a cigarette, does it make you want to love me less

And if I dont believe. What does that mean?
And when I die alone, who will eat my soul
In the cave of God, while the angels watch
Theres a manic scream, hallelujah

Babe I know I lost you, the moment you could finally see
The part of me I’d hidden, far below our leather seats
If I could make you understand the empty that I tried to fill
I’d crucify my body, leave the pieces at your mystics heels
But I sold you for a cigarette
Hope you’d sell me off for less

And if we dont agree
What does that leave
And when you die alone
I will eat your soul
In the cave of God
While the angels watch
Theres a manic scream hallelujah

Chi City so fun!

It’s Tuesday, so here’s some Elaine Stritch. :)

Last night @no__coyote put on one hell of a show and I’m so proud! #noregrets (at Coyote Ranch)

Slack and Snack Sundays #slackitysnack #dontcomeback (at Centennial Park)

#Instalater: Sunday afternoon’s quick hike with Our Drew. (at Percy Warner Park)

Where did Tom & Drew go? (at Tortuga)

Photo from Wednesday night’s VSA Tennessee Young Soloist Awards (at Middle Tennessee State University)

I’m so honored to be representing Tennessee for the VSA Young Soloist Awards tonight! I’m also really excited about my new chalice! (at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU))